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Unicredit has always offered many different solutions for those looking for a personal loan. Today we want to present you an interesting offer that allows you to get a maximum of 30 thousand euros repayable in installments of 36 to 84 months: we are talking about CreditExpress Dynamic Unicredit.


CreditExpress Dynamic Unicredit is a loan designed especially for families who use the loan for personal purposes, therefore not for business, craft or professional purposes.


What can I ask for Credit Express Dynamic Unicredit?


What can I ask for Credit Express Dynamic Unicredit?


We have seen that it can be requested for family and personal expenses , in any case, for example expenses related to:

  • purchase of consumer goods
  • purchases of means of transport
  • house renovation
  • purchase of furniture
  • purchase of durable goods

however, speculative purposes or those linked to the craft / professional / entrepreneurial activity of those who request it are excluded from the CreditExpress Dynamic Unicredit concession.

The loan in question is distinguished by its flexibility which makes it particularly suitable even for those who have not exactly always precise economic conditions. In fact, thanks to CreditExpress Dynamic Unicredit it is possible:


  • change an installment : only after you have paid at least 9 loan installments, the first nine, it is possible for the customer to change the duration of the loan but not beyond 84 months and consequently change the amount of the installment.
  • Skip the installment : you can postpone an installment for each calendar year in the initial amortization plan. The installment is then recovered at the end. CreditExpress Dynamic Unicredit customers who have regularly paid the first nine installments can take advantage of the option.
  • Top-up of the loan : it is possible to obtain an addition of liquidity, in any case to the maximum extent of that initially requested. Possible only after payment of minimum 24 installments.

The CreditExpress Dynamic Unicredit is a loan through which it is possible to request a minimum of 3 thousand euros and a maximum of 30 thousand euros.

The repayment plan installments to be established with the client are from minimum 36 months to maximum 84 months.

How is Credit Express Dynamic Unicredit required?


First of all, we need to go through the online inquiry , the budget that allows the bank to understand what amount you want to ask and in how many installments you want to return it, trying to make a reasonable comparison between income and intensity of the installment.

You can also allow the PC to automatically calculate the amount of the installment, indicating the number of installments you want to pay. Therefore, once Unicredit has received the quote, it can contact you to conclude the contract.

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