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Payday loans are a form of financing that is granted to pensioners and civil servants, through facilitated forms with extremely convenient rates.




To be able to access the credit, these categories of persons must be duly registered with the ex-Payday separate management, as since 2012 the Payday has been suppressed and the management of the loans has passed to the INPS.


The types of Payday loans


The types of Payday loans


Before delving into the topic of calculating Paydayloans, it may be useful to summarize their characteristics. The small Paydayloan can be requested by employees and public pensioners enrolled in the Unit Management of credit and social benefits (also known as the Credit Fund), it is an unfinished loan that allows to obtain amounts equal to a monthly salary of the net salary for each year of duration of the loan up to a maximum of four years (the amounts can double if there are no further deductions from the salary); the reimbursement takes place with direct deduction on the monthly salary. The multi-year loans have a duration of five or ten years and the amount that can be obtained is strictly linked to the amount of the salary, given that the monthly payment cannot exceed 20% of the salary; long-term loans can be direct (or paid by INPS and in this case we speak of specific loans) or indirect (provided by affiliated credit institutions, with Inps acting as guarantor); in both cases the repayment of the installments takes place with direct deduction on the salary.


The calculation of Payday loans


In light of what has been said so far, let’s try to see what solutions are available to a civil servant born in May 1975 (the date of birth is information requested by the simulator on the INPS website) that receives a salary every month net equal to 1,500 euros. A profile of this type can choose between different options: it can request a small loan with amounts from 1,500 up (single monthly for the minimum duration of 12 months) to 12,000 euros (double monthly for a maximum period of 48 months); the small loan has an interest rate of 4.25%. Long-term loans are also available, with minimum amounts of € 3,000 for 60-month financing and € 5,000 for 120-month financing and maximum amounts of € 16,500 and € 30,400 respectively; direct multi-year loans have an interest rate of 3.50%.


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Payday loans for army employees


Today, we can no longer speak of INPDAP, as the former Payday was suppressed in 2012 and replaced by the INPS in the Public Employee Management which also deals with the granting of loans. However, it is still common to talk about Payday loans for loans to public employees . In particular , the INPS section also offers loans to the armed forces and the police , sums of money of various types and nature to satisfy the needs of life.


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Paydayloans for teachers

Many teachers complain about difficulty in accessing credit, has it happened to you too? So don’t worry, in this guide we talk about the Payday Loan for Teachers and how to get it.


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What is the Inpdap

When we talk about financing, we often refer to Payday loans, the services offered to employees and public and state pensioners: not everyone knows what Paydayis (although it would be better to say “what was Inpdap” ) and what its functions are. Let us try to clarify the subject by also going over the (short) history of this public body.


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Paydayloans: calculation and tables


Paydayloans: calculation and tables


Today the small loans are very common because more and more people are requesting small loans, in the order of a few thousand euros. The small Payday loans consist of small public loans , to cover expenses that require a few thousand euros.


Payday multi-year loans


Payday multi-year loans


The Payday loans are loans that are granted directly by the former INPDAP, ie from the INPS section dedicated to the management of public employees: it draws on the credit fund, which varies from year to year, to provide loans directly to employees of the Public Administration .


Small loans inpdap


Today as today we no longer speak of small Payday loans but of small Public Management loans disbursed directly by the INPS, however in order to have a common terminology and avoid confusion we will continue to call them Payday loans.


Payday loans for employees

Payday loans represent a particular type of financing, specifically dedicated to employees who need to support any type of expense. This type of loan constitutes a valid instrument of facilitated financing.